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STILE BK is the encounter between different cultures and faraway worlds, the balance between technology and tradition, looking for a synergy where the contemporariness becomes aware of the richness coming from the past.

In the experimental laboratory of Stile BK, creations aim to distinguish A STYLE, where ancient weaving techniques are combined with an ongoing spirit of innovation; the goal is to find, each time, the right match to the endless variations of contemporary furniture.

STYLE BK’s vision point to always narrate the expressive potential of textile object through new aesthetic, ethical (the products are made without child labor) and conceptual incentives, projecting rugs towards a continuous semantic renewal. A project in changing, a approach of research and experimentation in which coexists, at the same time, a strong brand identity, like guarantee of high standards of product.

The custom made formula allows to meet the needs of customers with high flexibility, going along with personal taste and imagination of the client and better personalize the living space that will accommodate the carpet.

Founded over 30 years ago, the company headquarter is based in Turin but has numerous retailers in Europe, Asia, Australia and United States, where there is also a branch.



The ability to create customized products, to meet the needs not only of consumer customers but also the business sector, is one of the strengths of Stile BK’s philosophy.

Stile BK’s carpets are ideal as a fine piece of furniture for executive offices, residences, luxury hotels and prestigious settlements, for which can be exclusively designed.

With an archive of more than 500 sketches and the assistance of the creative atelier, the client can be interpreter, in the first person, of the development of the decorations, choosing the colors and the fibers to be used.

The result is a product that also in the contract sector is characterized by high quality, exclusivity of design and a custom tailoring realization.




STILE BK is a member of the GOODWEAVE Foundation, which fights the use of child labor and issues a quality brand for carpets.

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