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Behrouz Kolahi

Architect, designer, expert on the ancient rug, Behrouz Kolahi is a researcher and interpreter of the union TRADITION-INNOVATION.
Over the countless developments experienced by his brand, he has established himself as spokesman of the aesthetic taste in contemporary design applied to the luxury rug, already through the first experiments which tent to overcome the iconographic tradition of the Oriental rug; the fusion of the creative inherent in graphic design with the excellent quality of the handmade carpet, brought about the emergence of an eclectic style, which was not still based in Europe and that immediately attracted the attention of international market and press.
Today, with a wide assortment, original and versatile collections of assets, the “Stile Behrouz Kolahi” is the signature of the exclusive carpet, entirely handmade, customizable, distinguishable for the refined design, often in limited edition.

Innovation and tailoring quality are the imperatives that always move the search for Behrouz Kolahi, oriented to a product that can adapt to different needs of contemporary life and to reverse the role of the textile object elevating it, from complementary accessory to protagonist of the space.

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