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From intuition to drawing to design, then move on to sampling, carding, spinning, dyeing, weaving and finally get to shaving: here is the genesis of a Stile BK’s carpet. A unique creation, a fleece that is dyed and refined with an exclusive process, every time repeated for every single carpet by the expert hands of Tibetans weavers.

Stile BK has a philosophy, starting from an intuition that, after many years, is a cornerstone not only for the company but, more generally, has contributed to the birth and the SPREAD of a NEW TREND, such a revolution, in carpet conception.

When appeared on the European market, Stile BK’s vision was offering a product that combined the charm and wisdom of Eastern tradition for the carpet with Occidental rationalizing and utilitarian trends in design. Yet today, we can speak of a successful synthesis, more than ever become reality, between foresight and instinct, which was able to anticipate the contemporary taste in the design of high-end textile accessory to give us back complements with unique features.

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