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the most beautiful house of the world

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Where are the most beautiful carpets in the world? As for transitivity of beauty, they must be in the most beautiful penthouse of the world …

Once again, BK Style

marks extreme elegance in avant-garde design

by furnishing the penthouse of The Number 6,

one of the most beautiful restyling projects in the world according to ArchDaily


At the beginning of February, the influential US portal dedicated to architecture and design, ArchDaily, closed the voting in which, a jury of 31,000 architects from around the world, has been called to bestow the prestigious 2015 ArchDaily Building of the Year Award, dedicated to the most beautiful projects of restyling in the world and resulting from the examination of more than 3,000 renovation projects from all over the planet.

Both international and local press are writing and talking about but local press  is in fibrillation, because the prize for “The most beautiful house of the World” has been allocated to the Turin “The Number 6”, once Palazzo Valperga Galleani, a late-baroque building situated in the central area of Via Alfieri n. 6. Recently “unpacked” after years of works under the skilled craftsmanship of the Group Building (also from Turin) the historical palace has been transformed in a trendy building standing out for design choices, ethical and ecological features, type of refurbishment (in compliance with the already strong artistic component of the early architecture and decorations) and especially for the skillful fusion between Turin Mannerism and a futuristic design slant…

We are talking about “The Number 6” from an architectural point of view, looking at the works of contemporary art that blend with the late-seventeenth-century frescoed ceilings and stucco, the eco-sustainable solutions and especially the light installations that radiate in the court, but … what will be “inside” the most beautiful house in the world? Or rather, how to decorate the most beautiful house in the world?

Well, once again it is an excellent brand from Turin that signed the accessory that a classy home cannot miss: the carpets.

Stile BK, historical brand in creating wonderful handmade home-textiles, has had the privilege to enrich the precious flooring of one of the two great attics overlooking the five floors of The Number 6. The futuristic vision of interior design dominating the apartment, is stunning: crystal walls delimit the different areas like iridescent Chinese boxes, the volumes open and contract alternately, breaking a whole overview of the spaces.  In so much techno-armonia, the floors are heated with the three-dimensional textures of a huge Cubico in ecru tint that covers the surface of the large living room in the sloping ceilings mezzanine, while, in the downstairs living room, the pink led shades walking the perimeter of the walls color the atmosphere according to the iridescent spots drawing the coat of La Mosca (collection “Insects”). In the cinema room, you can sit directly on a fun “Fumetto” carpet like Crash!. And to complete the cozy reminder to “home” there are also large cushions in style with Cubico and Crash! carpets.

Also the vestibule at the entrance is not missing the intellectual citation of the portrait of Scapigliata (collection “Rinascimento”) while in the sitting room on the lower stair we can follow a path dominated by linear passing of Labirinto‘s ordered involutions into the studio and into the minimal elegance evoked by oblique and irregular intersections that stand out on the surface of Cortina. “The Number 6”, a jewel, a success all over the city of Turin and yet another opportunity to confirm the beauty, the undisputed value and the quality of Stile BK’s creations; a satisfaction taking on an almost poetic value because it’s the result of a synergy entirely played “at home” and “for the home”.


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september 2014 - New York international carpet show
 card new york

march 2014 - Adex Award



STILE BK Contemporary Rugs is a winner of a 2014 Award for Design Excellence [ADEX]. 

The 2014 ADEX Awards brought in a record 2,852 product entries from over 500 different companies, from 50 countries. ADEX is the largest and most prestigious awards competition for product design of furnishings marketed to the design trade.

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february 2014 - Digital

sbk 808 - digital LD



Our world is an encripted world, dominated by computer and secret agents.

Tibetan spun and hand knotted wool, mixed natural fibers with silk. Knotted fleece on cotton warp.





september 2013 - Gandhi & Mandela

gandhi&mandela modificato

Our tribute to the great Nelson Mandela life



Two contemporary embodied in a single image, a symbol of the capacity to incorporate different cultures.

Tibetan spun and hand knotted wool, mixed natural fibers with silk. Knotted fleece on cotton warp.



99pcs in custom made

april 2013 - Brera design district

brera design district

La Pelota, via Palermo, Milan, april from 8th to 14th, 2013emoticon “emoticon” the new limited edition proposal by stile BK

The event “Forza Tappeti” proposes to offer the best design research in the industry of hand-woven rug. The 2013 edition will take place at ‘La Pelota’, one of the most prestigious locations in the Brera area, Milan district of excellence for design. The event is a proposal of ‘disjunction’, one of the largest trend fairs in London during the week of design.

contemporary and modern rugs

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