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Stile BK’s ArtLab creations represent an interesting creative chapter that echoes the assortment in limited edition. A collection that comes to life by the genius of a select group of artists, where the core is that the carpet has adapted its shape and texture to the artwork and not, as usually happens, the opposite. In the ArtLab elaboration rug stops being the container of a decoration and becomes the object of art in itself, artwork to be weaved, something that basically is more reminiscent of the wealth and prestige of the ancient tapestries that a simple decorative accessory …
The artists who participated in ArtLab are some of the most brilliant interpreters of contemporary art in Turin:

(Torino, 1918 – Leone d’oro alla carriera, 50° Biennale d’arte di Venezia)
A perfect fusion between the domestic nature of a rug and the anarchical and irreverent instinct
that has always fed the work of a great artist.

(Poland, 1974. She lives and works in Turin)
An elegant and precise stroke is the fruit of discipline that has trained the eye to discover the wonder
in the small things of the world that are reproduced in just one act, one brush stroke.

(Torino, 1960)
Slogans, sport brands and musical lyrics are interwoven onto the surface of the rug; icons of everyday
life saturated with sounds, images and words.

(Torino, 1934-2013)
The playroom, every child’s imaginary world, is like a single image, yet similar to a mosaic in which
each element is symbolic and full of tenderness.

(Carrara, 1954. She lives and works in the region of Piedmont, in Pinerolo)
The image is camouflaged in strokes, splashes and colours, which is a primitive and poetic representation
that reaches the limits of abstract art.
ArtLab is a dynamic project, an experimental laboratory that aims to translate suggestions, ideas, artists’ projects through the fine weaving signed Stile BK. The laboratory allows especially to emerging artists, to the multimedia search and the interaction among different artistic languages.

If you have a project or an artwork to propose, please email us at ……. we will be happy to consider your ideas in the development of future initiatives.



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